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Welcome World!

We ship our unique NZ wine collection worldwide! We’re extremely proud of our specialist, fully-inclusive delivery service. Simply order online, and let us take care of bringing the very best of NZ wine direct to your door.

The Ultimate Wine Protection
Purpose-built packaging – each bottle encased individually in polystyrene within a heavy duty wine case.

All Costs Included
Your shipment is fully insured, with no hidden costs – your delivery cost includes international freight, import duty & taxes and local express courier direct to your delivery address.

Track & Trace
Throughout the delivery process, you can follow the progress of your shipment.


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To deliver to any destination not listed, please email info@shopthewinelife.co.nz

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Estimated Shipping Times

Region Estimated Shipping Time
UK Mainland Seafreight: 6-14 weeks
Ireland Seafreight: 6-14 weeks
USA Airfreight: 3-6 weeks
Alaska Airfreight: 3-6 weeks
Hawaii Airfreight: 3-6 weeks
Puerto Rico Airfreight: 3-6 weeks
Hong Kong Airfreight: 1-5 weeks
Japan Airfreight: 2-4 weeks
Singapore Airfreight: 1-4 weeks
Switzerland Seafreight: 7-14 weeks
South Korea Airfreight: 1-2 weeks
European Union Seafreight: 7-14 weeks
Scottish Highlands Seafreight: 6-14 weeks
China Airfreight: 1-2 weeks

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